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Harvest 2022

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Harvest 2022

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The 2022 vintage will be remembered for its extreme drought and very high summer temperatures. The hot and dry spring led to an anticipated budding of the vines that lasted also in June, July and August, anticipating the harvest from 15 days than the 2021. Some rare rainfall, but in key phases of the physiological cycle of the vines, enabled the plants to reach the beginning of the maturation phase with a contained water stress. The targeted use of emergency irrigation allowed us to mitigate seasonal issues and bring the grapes to ripe in the best way possible. The August rainfalls were providential and contributed to a water improvement but also marked the end of the very hot summer temperatures.

The harvest of early varieties such as Sauvignon and Chardonnay gave good results for both aromas and composition of the musts.

We then proceed with Merlot and Merlese, that also reached a good technologic and phenolic ripening with smooth tannins from the skins and toasted aromas of small almonds in the seeds.

The harvest is going on with Pignoletto and Albana grapes, for which a very good vintage is foreseen. The grapes definitely look like the “Gold of Romagna”, and we also put some in crates for the sweet wine, believing that 2022 could likely be a year to remember for this wine.

Very soon we will also harvest the Sangiovese because, according to our constant monitoring, it is the variety that this year – more than all the others-, has an anticipated ripening. This first period of harvest lets us believe that this 2022 vintage could be among the excellent ones.

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