Ethical Code - Umberto Cesari

Ethical Code

Umberto Cesari in order to define with clarity and transparency the set of ethical values and principles that inspire it to achieve its objectives and implement the provisions of Legislative Decree n. 231/2001 on the administrative liability of entities dependent on a crime, has decided to adopt a Ethical Code, a reference behavioral document, capable of guiding the commitments and responsibilities assumed by the collaborators of this entity, whether they are directors or employees or collaborators in every sense.


Reports to the Supervisory Board

The supervisory board is composed of:

Girani lawyer Valerio (President)


Perani lawyer Camilla

Gandini rag. Ilaria

Reports can be sent in the following way:
a) e-mail to the address: [email protected]
b) letter to the address: ODV231 at Umberto Cesari srl via Stanzano 2160 Castel Sant Pietro Terme (BOLOGNA) 40024