Cantina: Modern Wine Cellar in Bologna | Umberto Cesari Winery


Our winecellar is the beating heart of our winery, where our winemaking team oversees the wine production process.

Fermentation is a natural process, today, utilizing advanced practices and technologies, we can better control this process and make truly great wines. 

During the harvest period, the picked grape clusters arrive in the cellar within an hour of being picked. After de-stemming, the individual berries are optically quality-graded, then the white grapes undergo pressing. The red grapes, however, go directly to the fermenters.

Technology in the cellar

We carefully monitor and manage every step in the winemaking process through cutting-edge instrumentation. That includes Selective Process Vision 2 for berry sorting, gentle-process presses, temperature control in the fermenters, and two specialised drying rooms, which use the patented Sordato Botrytis Control™ to control the beneficial botrytis mould while berries are drying.

From the cellar to the lab

The winery’s analytics laboratory makes it possible to monitor in real time and with precision both grapes and wines through every step in their production: harvest, fermentation, maturation, and bottling. This ensures absolute quality in the wines that we bottle.