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Umberto Cesari renews its visual identity: a strategic rebranding operation, in the name of innovation.

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29 April 2021

Umberto Cesari renews its visual identity: a strategic rebranding operation, in the name of innovation.

Castel San Pietro Terme, April 29th 2021 – Through the maestry of people and the ancient knowledge of its land, Umberto Cesari promotes the culture of innovation, inclusion and sustainability in every product and service. A search for uncompromising quality that has highlighted the modern spirit of the winery, which bases itself on the unmistakable passion and style that have been distinguishing it from the very beginning.

For Umberto Cesari, 2021 opens up in the name of innovation: this year, indeed, new cultivation projects, new wines and new experiential initiatives will come to life.

Gianmaria Cesari declares: “This change of pace describes Umberto Cesari through a modern and contemporary style. It is in line whit the company values, which have been handed down in the bottle for over 55 harvests: our heritage, deeply rooted in the place of origin; our striving for innovation, which arises from a constantly evolving wine vision combined with the use of the most advanced technologies and a constant pursuit of excellence; our attitude of sustainability, made possible by agricultural practices that operate with the utmost respect for land and wines.”

An acceleration towards the future that passes through the hiring of Marcella Logli, Strategy and Marketing Director, with many years of experience in leading ICT companies, in the field of communication, marketing and digital transformation. With Marcella Logli, Umberto Cesari has embarked on a strategic repositioning path that starts from the rebranding process and touches all communication touchpoints, both digital and offline, coordinating various companies with different and complementary expertise. The rebranding, as the design of a new visual identity capable of expressing the corporate value system and a high positioning, classic and contemporary at the same time, was entrusted to Cappelli Identity Design. The study of the new visual identity, which includes all aspects from corporate identity to new labels, passing the Below the Line, was only the first step in the strategy undertaken; the following are the restyling of the website (designed by Cappelli Identity Design and developed by Aicod), the new social media communication (by Imsomewhere) and the video strategy. Another very important moment of communication for Umberto Cesari is represented by the advertising campaign for SOLO (signed by Less is More), the new Merlese wine, a perfect synthesis between Merlot and Sangiovese, which is about to be launched with a campaign that will touch the national circuits. most relevant online, offline and in the sector.

“This important rebranding operation, which aims to address current and potential markets with an immediate and direct language, which meets the needs of an increasingly experienced, sensitive and lively customer, is part of a dynamic and attentive attention to how trends evolve, how consumers change, even at an international level”, says Marcella Logli, “The strategy implemented involves every expression of Umberto Cesari, in order to further enhance the uniqueness of the company wine collections, for which we have also created a line of events and exhibitions, now more and more online, and the “Umberto Cesari Experience”, in order to identify activities that make guests live unique experiences, from wine tours to tastings to guided tours in the vineyards.”.

The new visual system is a look towards the future, which well represents Umberto Cesari way of interpreting the world of wine: frank and delicate, respectful but daring, which goes straight to the substance starting from the enhancement of the greatest treasure: the Romagna territory and its vines.

Umberto Cesari thus shows itself in a new guise that expresses tradition in continuity with innovation, to talk about itself through a modern and contemporary look.