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A precious treasure.

In Podere Tauleto hillslope vineyards we grow the Sangiovese and Uva Longanesi that compose one of our most-awarded wines, Tauleto. 

Podere Tauleto boasts ample, near-surface aquifers, clay soils with abundant humus, and a southwest-facing aspect, all conditions for optimal ripening of its Sangiovese and Uva Longanesi.

Local farmers have always used the dialect term tauleto to indicate an area rich in water. We adopted that term for this modest treasure of the Romagna hills, a terroir-expressive red wine that is ambitious but not austere, perfectly suited to lengthy cellaring.

Grape varieties on this podere
Longanesi, an ancient red grape rediscovered by Aldo Longanesi in the 1920s, yields intense, fleshy red wines, quite spicy and tannic. In the late 1960s, Umberto Cesari came across some rows of Longanesi in his vineyards and added a bit of it to Sangiovese, thus producing our Tauleto.
Sangiovese is the most widely-cultivated grape in Italy, and one of its most favoured habitats is Romagna. Its early presence here is documented by a 1651 document in the State Archives in Faenza, where it is cited as Sanzuvesa. Today, our Resultum represents a Sangiovese di Romagna that is not only deeply traditional but elegant as well.
The wines on this podere


90% Sangiovese Grosso, 10% Uva Longanesi
50 Wine club pts
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