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SOLO. New Harmony. OK



Solo is our Merlese.
It embodies the harmony of a wine that is the offspring of a unique grape variety that is both exclusive and of remarkable importance.
Solo is another opportunity for us to promote our culture of innovation, of inclusion, and of sustainability.
Because solely from that which unites can emerge something truly unique.


Merlese, the latest grape welcomed into our vineyards, is a variety that displays the finest characteristics of its parents, Sangiovese and Merlot.

Merlese is a cross of two varieties belonging to the same species, vitis vinifera , the result of a long experimentation program lead by the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Bologna since the early 1980s.

The flowers of the Sangiovese plant were pollinated with Merlot, thus obtaining pips which, once sown, gave rise to a new variety.

The wine


Solo appears an intense, purple-shot red; and its fruit-rich bouquet offers fragrant notes of black cherry, blackberry, and wild berryfruit, which meld into more evolved and spicy impressions.
Solo is a wine that is innovative, complex, elegant, and superbly balanced.

Solo is our new wine that celebrates the harmony between research, experience and innovation.