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Umberto Cesari, 1st brand in Canada

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5 October 2020

Umberto Cesari, 1st brand in Canada

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The news published by Wine News portal states: according to a survey by MiBD Analytics on the presence of the Quebec (Canada) wine lists, our company ranks first ahead of Masi and other great Italian brands such as Marchesi Antinori, Tenuta San Guido and Gaja.

A great achievement for our company, ambassador of Sangiovese in the world and a sign of how even Emilia Romagna, despite being often underestimated and ignored, has nothing to envy to other more famous and renowned wine regions.

“It is news that fills me with happiness, not only for Umberto Cesari, but for all of Emilia Romagna, whose wines are too little considered”, comments Gianmaria Cesari: “it is a rewarding result because Canada, which often it is out of the spotlight because you only look at the absolute numbers, in reality it is one of the most competitive and selective markets in the world in fine wines, over 15 dollars a bottle. And Quebec, in particular, which I have been present for at least 20 years, is a market whose consumers know wine well, there are levels of knowledge and insight that are sometimes surprising. It is a market that we have cultivated a lot, doing restaurant by restaurant work, door to door, and it makes us happy, but I take the liberty of repeating it, it must make the whole Region proud “.

This result is an incentive to continue in the daily work of enhancing and promoting the territory and local indigenous vines.

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