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Respect of tradition. Care for details. Love for the land.
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My land

Ca' Grande, Laurento, Colle del Re passito (raisin wine), Pignoletto Frizzante (semi-sparkling wine), Cervia Salt, Balsamic Vinegar

This Wine Box tells the story of our land: Emilia Romagna, a unique area that gifts us with incredible products.
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Tradition and Innovation

Sangiovese Riserva, Ca' Grande, Colle del Re, Moma Rosso (Red wine), Moma Bianco (White wine), Moma Rosé

Let yourself be guided along a path that cuts through tradition and innovation.
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Liano Collection

Liano, Liano Bianco (White wine)

Aged in Allier barrels, two wine varieties are the protagonists of this collection: Liano and Liano Bianco (White wine).
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Great Red Wines

Moma Rosso (Red wine), Sangiovese Riserva, Laurento, Yemula

Intense tannins, complexity, elegance: discover the Wine Box dedicated to great red wines.
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