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The home of resilience

From the Sangiovese vineyards of Podere Miravalle comes our champion of longevity and resilience, Resultum, a red wine both elegant and powerful at the same time, bursting with scents of blossoms and wild red berries.   

Our oldest vineyards, thanks to continuous experimentation and, in particular to utilisation of mycorrhizae, have significantly improved their resistance and extent of their root apparatus, two qualities that make it possible for the vines to produce higher-quality fruit. 

Resultum expresses not simply the resilience of our oldest vines but reflects as well our determination to create a Sangiovese that is complex without, however, being complicated, since it is straightforward and eminently approachable.

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Sangiovese is the most widely-cultivated grape in Italy, and one of its most favoured habitats is Romagna. Its early presence here is documented by a 1651 document in the State Archives in Faenza, where it is cited as Sanzuvesa. Today, our Resultum represents a Sangiovese di Romagna that is not only deeply traditional but elegant as well.
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100% Sangiovese
80 Wine club pts
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