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Where everything began.

The first page of the history of our winery was written in these hills in 1964, when Umberto Cesari, on a motorcycle trip with his wife Giuliana, noticed a small vineyard and decided on the spot that he would make wine from those grapes.

Following the restructuring of the abandoned building next to the vineyard, the young businessman unexpectedly found some old bottles of wine. Still in excellent condition, they were wines from the Albana vineyards right on the property.   

And thus began our enduring love story with Albana di Romagna. Umberto Cesari understood that those northwest-facing clay soils were ideal for growing certain native white grapes: Albana and Pignoletto. 

Today, those Albana vineyards on Podere Casetta give us our much-beloved Colle del Re Romagna Albana DOCG Passito. This sweet wine matures 24 months in Allier oak barrels, developing that warm, sunset-like golden hue and its rich, smooth fruit, summoning up impressions of vine-ripened fruit, honey, and roasted nuts.

Grape varieties on this podere
Albana is the white grape most representative of Romagna; in 1987, in fact, it was the first white grape in Italy to receive the DOCG (Registered and Guaranteed Designation of Origin) designation. An extremely versatile grape, it can produce dry table wines or distinctive dessert wines, such as our Colle del Re.
Pignoletto, one of Emilia-Romagna’s most ancient white-grape varieties. Pignoletto can be produced in a wide range of styles; we prefer it for semi-sparkling and fully sparkling wines - hence, our Pignoletto Frizzante and Moma Spumante.
The wines on this podere

Moma sparkling wine

100% Pignoletto
8 Wine club pts
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Colle Belvedere

100% Pignoletto
10 Wine club pts
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Colle del Re Passito

100% Albana di Romagna
25 Wine club pts
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