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SOLO, our new 100% Merlese wine

26 April 2021

SOLO, our new 100% Merlese wine

Solo” is a new wine, 100% Merlese, which originates from the company passion and love for the land, which has always been exalting and valuing the excellence of Romagna area and the richness of its expressive forms.

Solo” is the expression of Merlese, a new, authentic and essential grape, the result of a marriage between two important parents: Sangiovese and Merlot. It is therefore a cross of two varieties belonging to the same species: Vitis vinifera. Almost all vines are born from spontaneous crosses, or rather by a fortuitous exchange of pollen between two subjects, but if man facilitates the arrival of the pollen of a specific variety (Merlot) on the ovary of another of interest (Sangiovese ) you obtain seeds that, when sown, give life to a new variety. One of these seeds gave birth to Merlese.

Umberto Cesari’s new oenological challenge began years ago, in collaboration with the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Bologna, (a relationship with the University that has been lasting for 40 years) and was inspired by the new climatic context outlining. This new vine variety, more tolerant to environmental stress than its parents (it tolerates drought better than Merlot and resists late rain better than Sangiovese), has been combined with innovative and sustainable agronomic practices, with the aim of obtaining the resilience that is becoming a necessary condition for today’s viticulture.

Solo”, whose etymological root indicates totality, integrity, completeness.

Solo has an intense ruby ​​red colour, brilliant and with violet reflections, it is striking for its softness and delicacy well harmonized with the acidity (characters found in the two grape varieties that generated it), while the fruity notes of cherry, blackberry and wild berries go well with the spicy and balsamic tones typical of Merlot. Solo is a contemporary wine with a great personality, ample, intense and which persists in the aftertaste with a strong but pleasant tannin.


100% Merlese
100% Merlese, smooth and elegant, made from the Merlese grape, combining together the finest qualities of Merlot and Sangiovese.
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