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Costa di Rose
Sangiovese Rosé

Costa di Rose Sangiovese Rosè

A summer wine with a unique taste, witness of the love for Sangiovese, the main grape of Romagna hills, and of a search that never stops. A synthesis of experience and production techniques among the most advanced, in order to find in every sip the aromas of the grapes of the territory combined with the experience and style of Umberto Cesari.



Of antique pink color, with bright nuances and reflections reminiscent of the shades of peaches, the aromatic bouquet is rich in refined notes of red fruits: wild strawberry, cherry, pomegranate and raspberry. The taste is confirmed as sapid and elegant, accompanied by a good acidity that gives freshness and drinkability. A perfect and pleasant companion for an aperitif, for convivial occasions and in combination with fish-based appetizers, vegetable pies, cold cuts, fresh cheeses and medium-flavored first courses.



On the occasion of the presentation of Costa di Rose we offer you an experience played entirely on the sense of smell. We wait for you at the company to discover our new Sangiovese Rosé and to deepen the olfactory phase of the tasting. After a visit to the ageing cellar you will be guided through an olfactory tasting of our wines accompanied by different food pairing combinations.


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