The first grapes of the 2020 vintage have been collected, which already speaks of excellence.

The 2020 harvest began in early September with the gathering of the earliest varieties. At the moment, only the first white grapes have entered the cellar but the rich and fragrant musts already give an idea of ​​the great potential of the vintage.

The climatic trend with no winter rains and the first part of the summer absolutely torrid, will result in a quantitatively lower harvest than in the past. The grapes are presented in the vineyard healthy and of good quality, the result of the constant work of the agronomic staff and of the biological and biotechnological defense practices that the company has adopted for years and which have earned it, first in Emilia Romagna, the certification “Integrated Production National Quality System” (SQNPI).

The climatic trend of the last period is contributing to further improve the quality of the fruit: the temperature range, with a significant difference in temperatures between night and day, associated with the rains at the end of August, is translating into an improvement in sugar content, and above all of the aromatic and polyphenolic fractions that will organoleptically characterize the new wines.

It will be necessary to have the right patience and wait for the optimal ripening of the grapes but the conditions are excellent: the 2020 harvest will also be remembered.



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