Our wines reviewed by The Wine Advocate

The wine guide founded by Robert Parker recently awarded 93 pt to Colle del Re Albana Passito 2009. “The beautiful Albana di Romagna Colle del Re Passito opens with a splendid aroma of honey, yellow roses, apricot, sweet almonds and candied orange peel” writes Monica Larner, editor for Italy of The Wine Advocate “I’m a big fan of Albana di Romagna grape variety, with its unruly and unpredictable personality. If you love Italian sweet wines, try it”.

91 points awarded to Tauleto 2012 described as a wine that shows off its dominant Sangiovese identity with a note of wild cherry and dried violets to which is added a hint of candied cherry or ripe blackberry, as a result of a dry vintage.

Finally, Monica Larner assigns 88 points at Resultum 2012, wine that “shows off its varietal purity with softness and a natural sense of simplicity and transparency”.



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