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Growing up in the vineyards: A new chapter of our advertising campaign

The campaign “Our land can’t be described. It must be lived” continues, telling the story of Umberto Cesari’s connection to the land through all the seasons of his life. The protagonists of the new chapter are children and the thrill of a free growth surrounded by the beauty of nature in a pure and uncontaminated land.

A strong, authentic and characterizing bond between Umberto Cesari and his land. Land that is the company’s founding value, it is the place from which everything comes, it is the first mentor for those lucky enough to be born and grow up among the vineyards. Land that teaches waiting, truth, reciprocity.

An intense and exciting visual that tells about joy of life, harmony and spontaneity.
Two children running in the endless hills, through the vines full of bunches, kissed by the same sun that brings the grapes to ripening.



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