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New medals from IWSC and DWWA

Our medal collection is enriched with important awards. From the 50th edition of the IWSC (International Wine & Spirits Competition) in London 4 silver and 3 bronze medals arrived.

Tauleto 2013, Liano 2016, Yemula 2016 and Colle del Re Albana Passito 2010 won the silver medal, while Liano Bianco 2017, Moma Rosso 2017 and Laurento 2016 received the bronze medal.

To these awards we also add two silver and four bronze medals received by the Decanter World Wine Award 2019, a competition that includes judges from all over the world.

Colle de Re Albana Passito 2010 and Moma Rosso 2017 were awarded with the silver medal, Laurento 2016, Liano Bianco 2017, Tauleto 2013 and Yemula 2016 instead received the bronze medal.



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