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Golden Glass by Beatrice Pani wins the Umberto Cesari Art Contest 2019

Golden Glass is the winner of the third edition of the Umberto Cesari Art Contest, the competition born in 2011 dedicated to new emerging talents. Beatrice Pani, a young Milanese artist, will have the privilege of seeing his work printed on the labels of the wines of the MOMA line for the next four years, as her artwork Golden Glass won first place in the competition thanks to the vote of the public, among almost 400 artworks received from all over the world. Golden Glass will replace Donatella Carollo’s Futurwine, winner of the second edition.

The work

The idea of ​​representing a golden glass was born from the desire to underline the refinement of the product, in a contemporary, minimalist and ethnic style. The design of the golden glass echoes the mandala technique, combining different geometric and non-geometric shapes. The use of this technique aims to bring the consumer to a state of calm, meditation and conviviality typical of moments spent together. Furthermore, the drop-shaped upper part of the glass is a reference to the moment in which the wine is poured into the glass. The color used for the work was deliberately chosen the same as that of the logo in order to have a visual harmony in the label.



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